MMMMMMmmmmmmpppppphhhhh!!!!! MMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!!!! Mmmmm!?

I knew I had to grab you my boy and tie you up. You’re my hottest catch yet and I’m really going to enjoy tying you up till you can’t move. Mmmmmmmmmm??!!!

Yes I got big plans for you. Mmmmph?!! I love when you moan. Lift your head up and look at me…mmmmmmmpppphh?! Mmmmmppphh!! Lift your throat higher, and let me stroke it while you gulp & let you moan some more…mmmmpph???! Mmmmmmmmpppphhh!!! Guuuullllpp!! There keep your eyes on me & swallow.

Guuuulp! guuulp… you have a beautiful adams apple boy, you like when I touch you and pet you, don’t you? Mmmph!!? Keep your head up, I’m going to stroke your throat and stare in your eyes for a very long time young Brody; mmmmph

Then I’ll reach down your shirt you like that wouldn’t you? MMMMPPPPHH?!!

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Simply one of the hottest chairtie sets I’ve ever come across. Man I’d love to take that guy home and keep him ;-)


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MasterTom bound BondageTom

If you can possibly spare the time ….

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Twin brothers Rocky and Lex photographed by me back in 2005


Twin brothers Rocky and Lex photographed by me back in 2005

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Homoeroticism at its finest.

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Preppy boy, so innocent but so beautiful when stripped, bound, gagged, and fucked.

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